Celebrating 10 years of establishment of PCT Company (June 4, 2007 - June 4, 2017)

Every summer comes back as a whole company staff reminded us of the early days of establishment of PCT. This year, that feeling is even more intense when the anniversary of the establishment of the company is full of meaning and brings pride in each of our employees.

Cuu Long Petro Gas Transportation joint stock company has turned 10 years old!

A meaningful year and a special impression when we are also experiencing a year of hardship and challenges in the context of the general difficult situation of the domestic economic situation. Side by side in this bold celebration, everyone is full of emotion and determination for a successful year as a milestone to highlight the importance of the company's founding anniversary this year.

Looking back on the past, everyone feels touched but most importantly, the pride in each of you is burning up the joyful and exciting atmosphere of the celebration. The past 10 years has been the journey of sweat, effort that so many employees in the company poured out because of the common house called PCT.

Lễ kỷ niệm kết thúc với những bồi hồi và lòng tự hào sẽ còn lưu mãi thổi bùng lên quyết tâm cống hiến, nỗ lực, hết mình cho sự phát triển của PCT.

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