Ship management services

General introduction

Founded in 2007, Cuu Long Petroleum Transport Service Joint Stock Company (PCT) is a leading service provider for the international maritime and shipping industry. We carry out the most reliable transport services with petroleum, chemical products, LPG and bulk goods. A few ships over 100 thousand tons, we are capable of providing the best service nationally and internationally throughout Asia, Middle East, India and Northeast Asia.

Customer support solutions

To ensure all ships are always controlled and operated safely and effectively, fully comply with international regulations. Close attention is paid to charterers' requests to ensure the vessel's operation without delay or rental period.
• Our management system tracks all aspects of ship and coast operations and measures them against well-established key performance indicators (KPIs). PCT is tested and certified by BV, VR with ISM code, ISPS code, OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2004. The system also complies with other IMO regulations and standards such as OCIMF and TMSA.
• Our ship management service expands to assist ship owners in pre-checking, budgeting and financing when purchasing old vessels.

Added values ​​for the fleet

• Closely monitor the status and physical activity of the ship to ensure it meets or exceeds the requirements of international conventions such as SOLAS, MARPOL STCW, MLC as well as individual owners and charterers , social classification, state and port status.
• Regular on-board visits by technical / maritime directors and internal auditors to implement and evaluate quality processes and train crew members on board.
• Control operating costs within the optimal budget without affecting safety, quality and performance standards.
• Develop, manage and control the efficient implementation of energy consumption approved by leading registration agencies, NK, BV, KR.
• Computer-based systems are used to monitor vessels and dump the analyzed data from ships to optimize the speed, consumption and performance of each vessel.
• We have the flexibility to meet the needs of our customers for technical reports and periodic accounting